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1632 West Belmont Avenue
Chicago, IL 60657

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Brown Line Train to Paulina or Belmont/Ashland Bus Lines.
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Fusion Hair Studio by Appointment Only.
If you already have a stylist selected, please contact them directly using the number listed on their page in our Stylists section.

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"When people feel like you've really listened to their story, and made a creative  decision based on that story, the relationship widens and becomes more than just that of  stylist and client," stated studio owner Aimee Collins. "You've  effected a person's life  because hair is such an important part of the way people present themselves to the world. Their new or renewed self-confidence acts -- in a tiny way --as  a reflection of my work.  When I impact my client's day...it, in turn, impacts my day, too." 

It's this philosophy and operating commitment to client well-being and individuality that keeps Fusion's clients devoted to their stylists.  In this, Collins and the whole team, have found a viable and valuable formula that works year after year. 

One part compassion - one part talent - and you've got a business celebrating more than a decade and one that continues to grow and thrive. 


The studio matches our light and bright outlook. From the moment you enter our doors, you're greeted warmly and it's as if you've been here a million times before! At Fusion,  there are no strangers...only those we haven't gotten to know better...yet.

Our creativity is constantly nourished from our casual, contemporary storefront and we like it that way! With a comfortable setting that speaks to men and women alike, every detail was addressed, from fixtures to wall coloring to lighting...everything selected to align with our client focused values.

From the best stylists around to only the best products on our shelves (those that we recommend based on actual usage), Fusion Hair Studio takes pride in our boutique approach to beauty where it's always been about quality not quantity.  We hear over and over again how comfortable our clients feel in the studio because they feel like family...not like specimens that we experiment on to gain better understanding of color or cutting principles. 

We're masters of our game and never out of touch with new techniques and market-emerging trends.


Want to go red? There are things that need to be considered... go really short? or have your hair straightened? We'll help you make the important decisions so that you're overjoyed with the results! And we'll advise you on what it takes to style and keep your cut, color or treatment looking great between appointments.

We want you to look like you just got out of the chair every day so we take the time to discuss your daily regimen and expectations so that you get a style that fits both your sensibilities as well as your lifestyle.

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